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Usability Testing

Usability testing or User Experience (UX) Testing or user interface testing is a testing process that refers to measure or evaluate how easy and user-friendly a software applications. Usability testing primarily focuses on the flexibility of application, users' ease of using it, handle controls, and capability of the application to meet its goals.

ITQCR helps you to deliver the best first impression on your clients and customers. We help you determine a product’s acceptance in the market to attain accuracy, efficiency, & splendid customer satisfaction.

With our flawless usability testing services, swab out the chance of negative feedback and poor user-experience of your software application. Our adept team of experienced endowedand devoted QA experts feels pride in offering excellent, result-oriented end-to-end usability testing services and satisfactory results globally to our all valuable clients.

We work on every aspect of a software application including its looks, design, and other essential features to help you offer the best user experience.


  • Check for the user to have apparent and easy certifications to move from page to page.
  • Test the flow of a Web application by observing how the user accomplishes their goals
  • Check that the user can find instructions should they not intuitively know-how to operate a function
  • Test that common navigation objects appear on every page consistently
  • Test search functions for proper application functions


  • Test that content is logically arranged and easy for users to understand
  • Check for spelling errors
  • Check that pages adhere to color and pattern style guidelines, including fonts, frames, and borders
  • Check that images load correctly and with proper sizes